COVID 19 Policies and Procedures

Staff Health and Safety

  1. All staff working at the time of reopening dine-in will complete and sign a simple one time health check declaration form that states that they agree not to come to work if: they have any symptoms of COVID-19 including fever, cough, shortness of breath; have been in contact with COVID-19; and/or have travelled and are currently subject to 14-day quarantine.

On call person to cover anyone calling in sick

  1. Provide staff with province-wide medical resource list for that includes: Telephone numbers and website addresses for key medical, mental health, and bullying resources; and Approved sources for COVID-19 information.
  2. A health & safety point person will be on every shift to ensure that best practices are being adhered to and education materials are shared.
  3. We reserve the right to refuse service to any guest if they display symptoms of illness in order to protect our staff and other guests, similar to refusal to serve intoxicated individuals. Signage at all entrances stating that guests that have fever, cough, or any other symptoms of COVID-19 cannot enter establishment.
  4. All staff will have a pre-shift health check. Self-health assessment tool will be used and anyone with a fever or other COVID-19 symptoms will be sent home. We will have an active “on Call” list to make sure staff are available to cover anyone that cannot work due to illness.
  5. Increase use of physical barriers to separate guests and staff using high, clear barriers in counter service, payment settings and tables. Create a separation from action stations or open kitchens: with separation guests from the kitchen or plating team with high, clear dividers if the distance between guest and staff is less than 2m or 6ft. (Phase 1 + 2 only)
  1. Enhanced opening and closing procedures

FOH Extended Safe Opening Procedure

  • Only one staff member will be involved in opening of the restaurant except for the bar which will be done the bartender
  • All high touch surfaces will be wiped and sanitized
  • All Server stations to be set up on patios and sanitized
  • All POS stations to be sanitized
  • All debit/credit card coverings to be sanitized
  • All sanitizer bottles to be filled and put out

FOH Extended Safe Closing Procedure

  • Servers will make sure all high touch points have been sanitizer thoroughly before closing down their section
  • Their designated server station will be sanitizer thoroughly
  • POS terminals to be sanitized
  • All sanitizer bottles will be topped up
  • All necessary PPE will be re stocked
  • All debit/credit card coverings to be sanitized


Cleaning and Sanitation


  1. Post handwashing protocols. Standard signage for handwashing protocols to be posted at every kitchen hand wash station and in every bathroom.
  1. No items will remain on tables including: on-table condiments, caddies, table cards, marketing materials, billfolds and candles. We will no longer use billfold when dropping off the check.
  1. Increase their use of sanitizing stations and: encourage all guests to use hand sanitizer upon entering the facility. Provide staff with personal hand sanitizers.
  1. Post cleaning schedule that indicates the frequency of cleaning and sanitization of common places (door handles, front of house counters, bathrooms); Use a timer at host stand to remind and keep schedule; Keep a visible cleaning log denoting date, time and person - posted in or near washroom and host stand; Records to be kept for one month;
  1. Use approved cleaning methods certified by Health Canada or the British Columbia Ministry of Health.
  1. Display nightly closeout procedure clearly in an obvious location in the kitchen and server station. Document kitchen sanitation procedures showing the correct usage of kitchen sanitation products.

General Cleaning/Sanitizing Measures

  • Train staff on routine cleaning and sanitizing procedures for high touch surfaces, as well as appropriate laundry and linen handling procedures.
  • Ensure daily cleaning and disinfection of all common areas and surfaces.
  • Ensure high touch surfaces are cleaned constantly throughout the day. This includes doorknobs and handles, telephones, elevator panels and buttons, light switches, tables, chairs and work surfaces in staff rooms, desktops, washrooms, railings, point of sale devices and menus.
  • Clean visibly dirty surfaces before disinfecting, unless stated otherwise on the product instructions. Cleaning refers to the removal of visible dirt, grime and impurities. Cleaning does not kill germs but helps remove them from the surface.
  • Use clean cloths, paper towels or wipes to clean and disinfect surfaces. Put cleaning and disinfectant solutions into clean buckets for use. To avoid contaminating your cleaning solution, do NOT re-dip dirty cloths back into the cleaning solution. Use clean cloths each time. This may require using a larger number of cloths than normal. Immediately discard paper towels and disposable wipes after use.
  • Use a disinfectant that has a Drug Identification Number (DIN). Follow the instructions on the product label for dilution, contact time and safe use.
  • If commercial cleaning products are not readily available, we will prepare a bleach and water solution with 10 ml of unscented household bleach per 990 ml of water. When using the bleach and water solution, allow surface to air dry naturally. Make a fresh bleach solution each day. For more information, please see:
  • Floors and walls should be kept visibly clean and free of spills, dust and debris. • Empty and clean garbage cans in public areas regularly.

FOH Staff Procedures on shift

  • Servers and other staff must maintain social distancing during shift
  • Servers will have assigned server stations which only they will be able use during their shift.
  • All staff must wash hands every 30 minutes or after touching any high touch surfaces
  • Timer will be set in kitchen and server stations to alert staff to handwashing
  • Proper handwashing protocols must be followed
  • Staff and Bartenders must socially distance at all times.
  • Bartenders must social distance
  • No garnishes on drinks unless specified by guest. Garnishes will be prepped to order and will be placed on drinks by the bartender only.
  • Staff must walk on right side and leave distance for staff passing.
  • Staff must walk in a clockwise direction to avoid crossing over other staff.
  • All servers/ bartenders will have either a dedicated Moneris or Moneris will be wrapped in a plastic cover that can be wiped/ disinfected after use
  • Specific POS terminals will be allocated to servers - no cross over - if they have to be shared
  • POS disinfected after every use
  • Staff must wear masks and gloves while rolling cutlery – disposable wrapped cutlery will be supplied. Wrapped chop sticks as well as straws will be supplied.
  • Must socially distance while rolling cutlery
  • To wrap up food give guest box

BOH Staff Procedures on Shift

  • All soaps, sanitizers, paper towel and any other preventions methods to be filled at the end of shift or at any time they run out.
  • All cooks will have a designated station with no crossover between stations
  • Expeditor to be the only form of contact with FOH staff in the kitchen
  • Dishwasher to wear mask at all times.
  • Dishwasher to only handle dirty dishes. Expeditor to only handle clean dishes.
  • 30 minute hand washing protocol
  • All high touch surfaces should be sanitized every 30 minutes

Staff Uniform

  • Clean regulation uniform. Cannot be worn out of work. Must be cleaned daily.
  • Masks will be provided by employer – cleaned daily
  • No long nails
  • No acrylic nails (to follow proper handwashing guidelines)
  • Beard must be groomed
  • Clearing staff must wear masks
  • Dishwashers must wear masks
  • Shoes should be left at work and only worn while at work

Physical Distancing

  1. We will increase the spacing between tables and chairs to observe physical distancing requirements to at least 2m or 6ft.
  1. Capacity for guests dining inside will be temporarily reduced to 50% provided that physical distancing measures are followed. Parties will be limited to no more than 6 people per group to enforce physical distancing.
  1. Markers on floors at all entrances/host stand. Floor decals to mark required physical distancing of 2m or 6ft. Post physical distancing signage.
  1. Prevent guests from lingering in physical waiting areas they will be seated immediately by a host. Encourage external waiting, while keeping the sidewalk clear and maintaining 2m or 6ft distance.
  1. Staggered start times to reduced physical contact in areas like staff changing rooms. Staff will be scheduled in groups, to keep their “bubble” consistent as possible.
  2. Areas where gathering is concern and plan to reduce traffic
  • Main Bar – Remove all stools and rope off front of bar on Fridays
  • Server Stations (designate a server to each station)
  • Office (one person in office at one time)
  • Washrooms (only two in washroom at one time)
  • Host Area (only party being seated will be at the host stand)



Anyone who is receiving orders will use latex gloves and wash hands after the order is finished being dealt with.


SYSCO - key drop-All dry good delivered to expo station/dry storage are to be unpacked in these areas and transported to appropriate storage area/shelves.   Cooler items dropped into fridge/freezer and unpacked removing boxes asap.  Any boxes/items that come in contact with counters should be sanitized using Viper sanitizer immediately.

SYSCO - Non-key drop-same as above, except cooler items should not be brought into cooler (temperature sensitive items should be dealt with first to maintain food safe standards). They will be unpacked in expo area then taken into cooler. All surface areas sanitized after order is put away.

Draft - All kegs will be delivered and put away by driver by themselves. Bartenders will be expected to wash hands after changing any kegs.

Liquor - Will be dropped at back door and sanitized by the Bartender, put into clean bins. Then brought up to the main floor.

All other orders -To be received by dish area door and unpacked or transported by receiver to appropriate area. Sanitize cart and any areas that the products come into contact with.