Learn more about the history of The Rod & Gun.

Located on the Alberni Highway, the Rod and Gun has long been a staple of the Parksville community, serving patrons since 1898.

The Rod and Gun is THE place to be. An officially recognized historic site established when Parksville had less than 100 official residences. The Rod and Gun has remained a cornerstone of our town since 1898 and continues to be the destination for entertainment, food and drink. We now offer a variety of experience from family dining to weekend DJ's and country music. Great food, great service.

The Rod and Gun and Hirst family connection.

In 1895 John and Ann Hirst started building the Rod and Gun hotel. John sadly passed away before it's official completion and Ann operated it by herself until her death. The large fish sign on the roof has been retained for it's historical significance and the Rod and Gun now sits on the aptly named "Hirst Avenue."

The Rod and Gun Hotel wasn't just a catchy name, it was used to service the many hunters and fishermen who came to the Parksville area.

Upon opening it's doors in 1898 the Rod and Gun quickly became a fixture in the small community of Parksville offering services such as a hot meal and accommodation to local and visiting hunters and fishermen in the area. Hunters would often use the front porch to string up kills before retiring for a meal and a drink. Breakfast, dinner and a nights stay was only $1.50 and although the hotel closed down some time ago the Rod and Gun still offers great value on food & drink.

"The Gun" as locals continue to call it, has gone through many face lifts, expansions and renewals throughout the years, it has seen an expansion of the pub and hotel and eventually saw an addition of a family dining room separate from the historic original pub. The Rod and Gun now offers the largest variety in the area in regards to food, drink and entertainment. Many of the local residence have a very personal and special connection to the building and its history, some even say the old hotel area upstairs is haunted!

Modern times and history renewed.

The latest incarnation of the Rod and Gun has come under the stewardship of Jeremi Burrows. Extensive renovations were done in the pub area when he initially purchased the business in 2013 and eventually saw additional renovations on the "Grill" side (family dining) in 2014 and again in 2020. Today the Rod and Gun offers a total of over 200 seats, two full service seating areas, a garden patio, a roof top patio, family dining, live sports and live entertainment - everything from DJ's to Country music. The Rod and Gun, while old, still has many things to offer; come by and check out our historic building and enjoy a variety of beers, cocktails and menu items inspired by Parksville's local surroundings.

Authentic local pub fare with authentic local beers.

We believe in providing the highest quality food and beer that reflects where we live and play. The Rod and Gun has featured many beers from many local producers such as Driftwood, Lighthouse, Phillips, Central City. Our menu sources local producers varying by season including Red Barn Markets, French Creek Seafood, Island Valley farms, Little Qualicum Cheeseworks, Gunter Bros, and many more, our menu is focused on local and fresh. The Rod and Gun has daily food and drink specials and monthly menus, we are available for private parties big or small, catering on and off site, special events, venue entertainment and local events. We strongly believe the the best incarnation of the historic Rod and Gun in Parksville is the current incarnation. See you soon!